I lived in Cusco, Peru from September 2014 to December 2015. During this time, I photographed life surrounding me. My friends, the landscape, falling in love, volunteering with girls who had been sex trafficked, sad days, happy days, food, and culture. This collection of photographs shows both my life and the lives of the people around me, whether they are locals or fellow expats, and the ways our lives intertwined. It is a glimpse into the places I visited, the people I met, and the moments I loved. Most photographs are from my time in Cusco and the Sacred Valley, many are from traveling around Peru and later, Bolivia and Argentina. 


Places photographed: 

Cusco, Peru 

Urubamba, Peru 

Chincheros, Peru

Calca, Peru 

Pisac, Peru 

Huaraz, Peru 

Cañon del Colca, Peru 

Tarapoto, Peru 

Moyobamba, Peru 

Leymebamba, Peru 

La Paz, Bolivia 

Valle de Challkupunku, Bolivia

Lago Titicaca, Bolivia 

Uyuni, Bolivia 

Cafayate, Argentina 

Salta, Argentina

Cordoba, Argentina


Please contact me at me at coleyork@gmail.com if you are interested in buying a print or learning more about my experiences in Peru. 

All photographs made with Sony A7R. Processed on Lightroom 6.